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My sense is the party Centrism is in, after all. Candidates who managed to define themselves as the occupier of the reasonable middle often won big last Tuesday, experts point out. The Bush wins showed you can be conservative but not meanspirited, says Bill Phillips, a former Republican National Committee chief of staff, now an official at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. The GOP went through a period when a vocal bunch of conservatives overshadowed the image of the party, says Mr.

Now the big tent of GOP inclusiveness may be back, at least at the state level. The summit also devoted time to discussing Mr. Abbas's controversial unity government agreement with the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The US wanted the sides to start hashing out a political horizon, an allusion to the principles for a final peace deal. But Abbas's new partnership with Hamas in some ways brings the sides back to square one, forcing them to focus on the Islamic militants' refusal to recognize Israel, accept peace agreements, or renounce violence.

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These talks, which are the most significant US push for peace since the introduction of the road map peace plan in , came at a time of uncertainty regarding the character of a HamasFatah unity government that was agreed to earlier this month in the Muslim holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Compared to the oceans, pollution can be especially hazardous in the basin because some 25 million people rely on the lakes for drinking water. The shipping industry has been buoyed by the comparatively vibrant economy of the Midwest and the rise in demand for transportation because of liberalized global and North American trade.

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade ''has given industry in the region a tremendous competitive advantage and raised the overall tonnage we see put through the seaway,'' says Rhonda Worden, a public affairs specialist with the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp.

In the seaway, rebates on passage fees through two locks controlled by the federal government have also spurred waterborne transport in recent years. The rebates range up to 25 percent, says Ms. Worden, based in Messina, N. Rafsanjani and Khamenei go way back together, right back to theological school, says the editor. They may have different agendas, but they have struck up a working relationship. I can't accept that Rafsanjani will simply turn his back on politics. The only other serious contender for the presidency is Mohammed Reyshahri, a former intelligence minister and one of the most hardline figures in Iranian politics.

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Reyshahri is seen as the Prince of Darkness, even within the government, says another Western diplomat. His political agenda is unsophisticated, and his panacea for the economy is to get rid of corruption. He would not do well in an open vote. Iran's ruling clerics, who have the power to debar any prospective candidate, face a tough choice. The Islamic authorities want to protect their claim to represent an elected government a low voter turnout would be an embarrassment.

That was the case with my knowledge of the Web.

For instance, what is the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web The Web is only a section of what's available on the Internet. And what is a browser versus a search engine A browser gets you to the Internet and a search engine finds things once you're there. That's how my day went, filling in all my knowledge gaps so that by the end of the day, I saw the forest the overall function of the Internet as well as the trees individual Web sites that I know and love.

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  6. Not to mention that I finally sorted out those pesky Boolean operators that make or break any search. In return, all but two Republicans voted to block the resolution against the troop surge proposed by Sens. Democrats and antiwar Republicans are sending political signals with this vote, says Randall Woods, a historian at the University of Arkansas, who writes on congressional antiwar politics.

    They need to show the American people that they are voicing opposition to the war, yet not appear soft on national security, he says. They're fighting for their [political] lives.

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    As in previous war votes, the language of the resolutions has been crafted to maximize political peril for the opposition. But for the first time since US forces went into Iraq in , Democrats are setting the timing and terms of war votes, and they are determined to not rush into a vote they are likely to lose.

    This gives his book a feeling of mutual exploration that drew me in as a reader, even though I was not convinced by most of his arguments. What a contrast with Gould who presents his faith as something no rational person should question. As a result, Gould's book left me feeling preached at.

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    Nartonis is doing research on the evolving concept of science in 19thcentury New England. As New Orleans and other communities along the US Gulf Coast struggled to recover from hurricane Katrina and braced for the arrival of hurricane Rita, the people of this city on Haiti's western coast marked the first anniversary of a similar catastrophe. That was Tropical Storm Jeanne, which left 3, dead and missing, buried the city in mud, destroyed homes, and generated an outbreak of civil turmoil among people crazed by the lack of food, shelter, and health facilities.

    Tonight for dessert we would have warm applesauce, chunks of syrupy McIntoshes brown with cinnamon and heat. Just like the applesauce my mother grew up eating at my grandparents' house in New Jersey. My grandmother Rose told me stories about life with her six brothers and sisters in the big Victorian down the street from my mother's childhood home.

    When Ro was a girl, she shared one bed with her two older sisters.

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    She told me that she went to bed one night with an apple for a latenight snack. Does anybody else want oneshe asked before going upstairs. No, said her sisters. Then, lying together in the dark, they heard my grandmother crunching her apple. Rosie, can I have a biteone sister asked. Then the other asked, then the first again.

    The next night, and every night forward, my grandmother brought two apples to bed: one for eating and one for bites. The summiteers suggested in their bonhomie that it was only a technical problem, a question of finding the proper command arrangement. What is at stake is a crucial, precedentsetting decision that will go a long way toward defining Russia's role in Europe, its relations with the West, and the future of NATO as an effective and credible postcoldwar military alliance.

    We are at a defining moment at an unexpected time. It has come too early, before we are ready. Five years of discussion about the future political and security architecture of Europe led to the creation of the Partnership for Peace and the strengthening of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. But the linchpin the possible enlargement of NATO and the creation of a special relationship between Russia and the Atlantic Alliance is still unresolved. But even as blackowned firms multiply and flourish, experts are raising questions about the future. Recent court decisions which place restrictions on affirmative actions and set asides McMath agrees, but she also sees a burst of activity prompted by another legislative shift.

    Welfare reform is going to lead to perhaps a slight surge in selfemployment, she says.

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    It's a pair of Kennedystyle liberals against a brace of diehard conservatives. Both pairs are maneuvering for the centrist vote that may assure them the presidency and vice presidency. A couple of millionaire Republicans against a couple of millionaire Democrats. Don't fight the tape, says one piece of Wall Street wisdom that dates back to tickertape days.

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    It means don't fight broad market direction, even if you think it's wrong. Market momentum is bigger than anything else right now, including a modestly growing economy and decent growth in corporate earnings, says Michael Flament, who tracks the market at Wright Investors' Service in Bridgeport, Conn.